state1 W2S2 [steıt] n
4¦(part of a country)¦
5 the States
6 be in a state/get into a state
7¦(official ceremony)¦
8 state of affairs
9 the state of play
10 lie in state
[Date: 1100-1200; : Old French; Origin: estat, from Latin status, from the past participle of stare 'to stand']
the physical or mental condition that someone or something is in
state of
There are fears for the state of the country's economy.
in a bad/terrible etc state
When we bought the house, it was in a terrible state.
sb's mental/physical/emotional state
Frankly, I wouldn't trust his emotional state right now.
She was in an extremely confused state of mind .
in no fit state to do sth
(=should not do something because you are not in a suitable condition)
David's in no fit state to drive.
She can't go home now. Look at the state of her!
be in a good/bad state of repair
(=be in good condition and not need repairing, or be in bad condition)
The boat was in a good state of repair.
The country was in a state of war (=officially fighting a war) .
Water exists in three states: liquid, gaseous, and solid.
2.) ¦(GOVERNMENT)¦ [singular, U]
also the State
especially BrE the government or political organization of a country
The state has allocated special funds for the emergency.
state employees/property/regulations etc
especially BrE
limits on salary increases for state workers
state-owned/state-funded/state-subsidized etc
(=owned, paid for etc by the government)
a state-funded community housing project
matters/affairs of state
(=the business of the government)
democratic/one-party/totalitarian etc state
(=with that type of government)
3.) ¦(COUNTRY)¦
a country considered as a political organization
a NATO member state (=a country belonging to NATO)
4.) ¦(PART OF A COUNTRY)¦ also State BrE
one of the areas with limited law-making powers that together make up a country controlled by a central government such as the US and Australia
→↑province, county ↑county, region ↑region
Queensland is one of the states of Australia.
the state of Iowa
state employees/property/regulations etc
the state government
state and federal taxes
5.) the States
spoken a word meaning the US, used especially by someone when they are outside the US
Which part of the States would you suggest I visit?
6.) be in a state/get into a state
BrE spoken to be or become very nervous, anxious, or excited
Mum and Dad were in a right state when I got in.
the official ceremonies and events connected with government or rulers
the Queen's first state visit here in seventeen years
music for state occasions (=special public events)
8.) state of affairs
formal a situation
unsatisfactory/sad/sorry state etc of affairs
I must say this is a very unsatisfactory state of affairs.
9.) the state of playespecially BrE
a) the position reached in an activity or process that has not finished yet
What is the state of play in the current negotiations?
b) the score in a sports game
10.) lie in state
if the body of an important person who has just died lies in state, it is put in a public place so that people can go and show their respect
state 2
state2 W3S3 v [T]
1.) to formally say or write a piece of information or your opinion
Please state your name and address.
Rembert again stated his intention to resign from Parliament.
The government needs to clearly state its policy on UN intervention.
state (that)
The witness stated that he had not seen the woman before.
Fine, but aren't you just stating the obvious here?
2.) if a document, newspaper, ticket etc states information, it contains the information written clearly
The price of the tickets is stated on the back.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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